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Cosmetic Orthodontics 

Cosmetic orthodontics is for correcting misaligned teeth purely for cosmetic reason, and focuses on the teeth you see when you smile 

Simply Smile is a discreet short term brace system designed to straighten your front teeth whilst preserving the aesthetics of your smile throughout the whole treatment process as it uses brackets are made of ceramic material and wires that blend with your natural tooth colour.  

The aim of this brace is to improve your smile, and it focuses on the six front teeth. Because of this, treatment time is a lot shorter than with other orthodontic systems. It achieves this by putting light pressure on your teeth, Simply Smile braces gently move the teeth into the appropriate position. 

Am I Suitable For Simply Smile braces?

Simply Smile braces are popular with adults, particularly those that engage in a lot of work in the public eye. Due to the discreet appearance of the brace, it doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of the smile, so socialising is not affected by the treatment. It is recommended for patients who are concerned with the following issues:
Straightening crooked teeth
Gum line alignment
Correcting flared teeth
Closing gaps between teeth

Simply Smile braces work similarly to veneers in terms of improving your smile, but are an alternative to having your teeth drilled.

Want to know if Simply Smile is the right brace for you? Book a  consultation to check if you are suitable. If you are a suitable candidate for this system a full assessment will need to be undertaken 



Exciting News....

We are moving..... As from the 30th October 2017 we expect to be fully operational at our new premises which will be:

Top Floor, Derwent House, Wakefield Road, CA13 0HZ

We are very excited about the move and look forward to seeing our patients at the new surgery.

....p.s.... There will be a lift installed....